Hooves Reloaded

Hooves Reloaded offers a unique and real time horse racing experience. Races run in real time against actual players every 2 minutes. Players can breed their own stable of champion racehorses that progressively improve generation by generation.

Game Features
  • Exciting and social horse racing with your friends
  • Easy to play
  • Real time racing
  • Straight betting (real time)
  • Sell and stud your horses to other players
  • Breed up your stock and build your bloodline
  • Daily cash bonus for logging in
  • View horse stats and track history
  • New Shop content every day
  • Multiple countries to race in
  • Race your horses anywhere on your mobile
Game Play

In Hooves Reloaded, players begin with $5000 game cash and a ‘starter’ horse. The key to progressing is a combination of intelligent betting, selective breeding of horses and picking race tracks and types that suit each horse's unique abilities. Equipping the right saddles and shoes to your horse can also give it a performance boost! Horses will fatigue over time so it is important to pick tracks that they perform well on.

The real time racing provides all the excitement of live horse racing; odds are given at the start of the race and players have the option to bet or just spectate and cheer their horse on.

By accumulating prize money from wins, horses will rank up from Group 3 to Group 1. As players increase their bankroll they are able to breed better horses and level up for tougher competition with even greater rewards.

The game also has interactive and social features, players can recruit friends to play. Friends can help out by feeding and brushing horses to keep them in top condition and performing well on the track.

Players have the option to stud their prize winning stallions out for other players to breed with. Studding can be a good money earner on the side for an astute player. Selling horses on the horse market to other players is a paid option that can provide another income stream for players looking to advance their stables more quickly.

Hooves Reloaded provides all the fun and excitement of real live horse racing!